Farm Name Title First Name Last Name City State Zipsort icon
Ben Fugerson Mr. Ben Fugerson Ashland OH
Full Rut Adventures of Ohio, LLC Mr. Sammy Varnam Supply NC 28462
Pearl Valley Preserve Mr. Richard Haliburton Statesville NC 28625
ClareCastle Whitetails Mr. Tommy Fish Vincent AL 35178
Ed Rine Mr. Ed Rine Gambier OH 43022
Locust Run Typicals Mr. Leroy H Miller Howard OH 43028
Snyder Family Whitetails Mr. Daryl Snyder North Lewisburg OH 43060
Ohio Valley Whitetails Mr. Jonnie Eash Plain City OH 43064
Ward Whitetail Farm Mr. John Ward Plain City OH 43064
Shawn Miller Mr. Shawn Miller Plain City OH 43064
Darby Plains Whitetails Mr. Robert Beachy Plain City OH 43064
Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Dr. Tony Forshey Reynolsburg OH 43068
Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Ms. Kristina Baker Reynolsburg OH 43068
S&S Whitetail Galore Mr. Billy Sage Logan OH 43138
Waldvogel Whitetails Mr. Curt Waldvogel London OH 43140
Bricker & Eckler Mr. Lestini Greg Columbus OH 43215
Bricker & Eckler Mr. Chris Slagle Columbus OH 43215
Chris Daniels Mr. Chris Daniels Bellefontaine OH 43311
David Beechy Mr. David Beechy DeGraff OH 43318
Marvin L. Yoder Mr. Marvin L Yoder Kenton OH 43326
Rushcreek Whitetails Mr. Ron Allen LaRue OH 43332
Hickory Knoll Deer Ranch Mr. Daniel Hostetler Mt. Voctory OH 43340
Revive Microbials Mr. Jamie Troxel Upper Sanduskey OH 43351
Old Orchard Whitetails Mr. Chet Pieper Gibsonburg OH 43431
T N T Whitetails Mr. Tyler Hill Gibsonburg OH 43431
Warner's Whitetails Mr. James Warner Holland OH 43528
TBD Mr. Jeff Enochs Kimbolton OH 43749
Dakota Whitetails Mr. James Moses Quaker City OH 43773
Edgemoor Whitetails Mr. Roger Shoup Adamsville OH 43802
Pearl Valley Preserve Mr. Levi Stutzman Baltic OH 43804
Up Town Whitetails Mr. David E. Miller Baltic OH 43804
David W. Mast Mr. David W. Mast Baltic OH 43804
Abe Miller Mr. Abe Miller Baltic OH 43804
Crosswoods Whitetails LLC Mrs. Denise Oldaker Frazeysburg OH 43822
Dark Hollow Whitetails Mr. Ora Troyer Fresno OH 43824
Troyer's Whitetails Mr. Raymond Troyer Fresno OH 43824
David E. Miller Mr. David E Miller Fresno OH 43824
Center Ridge Whitetails Mr. Levi Troyer Fresno OH 43824
William Mohler Mr. William Mohler Nashport OH 43830
Pleasant Animal Hospital Ms. Cheryl Beinhardt Windsor OH 44009
Andrew McClure Mr. Andrew McClure Ashland OH 44009
Michael Brent Mr. Michel Brent Chargin Falls OH 44022
Grapevine Ridge Whitetails Mr. Daniel C Miller Chardon OH 44024
Huntley Hill Whitetails Mr. Paul Troyer Jr. Huntsburg OH 44046
Marlin Ray Mast Mr. Marlin Ray Mast Huntsborg OH 44046
Frey's Trophy Whitetails Mr. Henry Frey Middlefield OH 44062
Maple Grove Whitetails Mr. Joe S. Yoder Middlefield OH 44062
Marsh Valley Whitetails Mr. Mervin P. Miller Middlefield OH 44062
Marsh Valley Whitetails Mr. Pete C. Miller Middlefield OH 44062
Mill Creek Whitetails Mr. Raymond Miller Middlefield OH 44062